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The rain with no name

When a climate disaster hits, its name doesn't matter. What matters is how to deal with climate change-induced extreme weather. Iris Gonzales reports from Metro Manila. ...

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Alpine Fragility, Sacredness and Communities

“The smaller we come to feel ourselves compared with the mountain, the nearer we come to participating in its greatness" (Arne Naess). Raul Cazan reflects on the relation between mountain sacredness, capitalist economy, and climate change. ...

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The end of the world in 2100?

Real-life Apocalypse: our planet's ecosystems can only take a limited amount of neglect, abuse, and destruction. If they collapse, the world as we know it will collapse too. A new study says this is exactly what's happening. ...

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Chemical Fertilizer Impedes Development of African Agriculture

Life has been a constant struggle for African families since the collapse of colonialism in the early 1980s.  People living on this continent have had no choice but to live a hard life in order to sustain themselves. One of the major problems in Africa is the lack of existing industry to engage the teeming youth in employment. Very few industries built by the colonial masters have survived the test of time ...

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