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Pictures of the year 2012

As the villages of Bangladesh modernise, demand for the Bede's traditional healing services has declined. The Bede are struggling to preserve their centuries-old heritage as they find themselves in abject poverty. Photo by Bijoyeta Das/

The use of drugs and alcohol is a common problems in Mathare, one of the oldest slums in Africa. Young people are often recruited by drug dealing groups and become part of this cycle of corruption and crime. Photo by Andrea Arzaba/

A HIV-positive student teaching other students at Saphalta HIV Shiksya Sadan School, a special school for HIV-positive orphans in Kirtipur, Nepal, 27 November 2012. There are currently 10 students but the school and a day care center are facing financial crisis. Photo by Rajneesh Bhandari/

Students demonstration against the cuts to education in London, 21 November 2012. Photo by Hussein Hussam/

Rural women's groups presented their agenda for gender-equitable development at Rio+20. Photo by Preethi Nallu/

Supporter of Sunni Salafist leader Ahmad al-Assir waves the Syrian opposition flag whilst en route to a protest in Sidon, Southern Lebanon. Assir has been a vocal supporter or the Syrian rebels’ cause in Lebanon and an outspoken critic of Hezbollah. Photo by Preethi Nallu/

A march in favor of the struggle of the Guarani Kaiowá, an indigenous people suffering human rights violations in Salvador, Brazil on 5 November 2012. Photo by Diêgo Lôbo/

On 6 Nov. 2012, indigenous people protested at the Three Powers Square in Brasilia. Photo by Rajneesh Bhandari/

Drugs from Golden Triangle Hit Northeastern India. Photo by Bijoyeta Das/

On March 26, Bangladesh celebrated the 40th year of the declaration of independence when broke out between East Pakistan and West Pakistan. According to UNHCR, there are 300,000 Biharis in Bangladesh and more than half are languishing in refugee camps in Dhaka. Photo by Bijoyeta Das/

Fatu, Northern White Rhino Female, in Ol Pejeta, Kenya. Photo: Jan Stejskal /

Fatu, Northern White Rhino Female, in Ol Pejeta, Kenya. Photo: Jan Stejskal /

Chimp Alley. Photo: Jan Stejskal /

Not all of the chimpanzees held in the Sweetwaters suffered from human cruelty. Alley (pictured) was born in 1987 and she came to the sanctuary from a good home. She likes helping others and also continues some of the behaviour she picked from her previous owner, such as spitting or throwing soil if she doesn't get what she wants. Photo: Jan Stejskal /

Danube Delta in the fall; the highest number of migrating bird species find its shelter here during the warm season. Early October they fly south. Photo by Raul Cazan/

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Rajneesh Bhandari

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