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Pictures of the month January

A look at the best pictures taken by our ThinkBrigade reporters in January, 2013.

Basanti Bohora, a gang rape victim, takes part in the #OccupyBaluwatar, a protest against women violence organized in Kathmandu on Jan. 8, 2013. Youths and activists have been protesting against woman violence at Baluwatar outside the official residence of the prime minister for more than a month. She is fighting a legal battle in Nepal's court. Photo by Rajneesh Bhandari/

On the walls of the Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center, in Santiago, Chile, passersby add what they desire to do "antes de morir" (before I die). One of them stated "Antes de morir, I want to see a free Palestine". Picture by Diêgo Lôbo/

Nepal Police displays fur of endangered Tibetan antelope in the capital on January 7, 2013. Nepal Police seized 46 sacks of precious furs of the endangered Tibetan antelope used for making luxury shawls that were allegedly being smuggled to India. Photo by Rajneesh Bhandari/

Iced paradise at Madison Wisconsin, USA on Jan. 5,2012. Photo by Andrea Arzaba/

Winter mountains perfectly reflect different temperature in different altitude. While in lower elevations snow on trees has melted and left the forest in dark colours, mid-elevations have melted only partly and turned gray. The highest peaks, totally frozen, then shine in purely white. The Giant Mountains in the Czech Republic. Photo by Jan Stejskal/

Morning view of Mount Machapuchare (6,993 m), also known as Mount Fish tail in January 2013. Machapuchare has never been climbed to its summit and is declared as sacred, climbers in Nepal say. Photo by Rajneesh Bhandari/

In January, full winter came to the Czech mountains. Harrachov, a popular ski resort, turned into white and pleased its vistors with fantastic skiing conditions. Photo by Jan Stejskal/

Kathmanduties take help of wooden fire to get rid of cold on Jan. 7, 2013. Photo by Rajneesh Bhandari/

An evening prayer session in Kathmandu at Pashupatinath Temple on Jan. 7, 2013. Photo by Rajneesh Bhandari/

A teacher teaches her student how to write in Kalika VDC Kafalghari in Kaski on Jan 18, 2013. The government school has no electricity and computer facilities. Photo by Rajneesh Bhandari/

A girl shows a book titled Swasthai Bratha Katha that is read to celebrate a month-long festival on Jan 27, 2013. Devotees have come to Sankhu to plunge into a river believing that their wishes will be fulfilled. Married and unmarried woman take fast believing that their wishes will be fulfilled. Photo by Rajneesh Bhandari/

A cat haunts for insects on the early morning of Jan. 18, 2013, in Kailka VDC, Kafalghari Kaski. Photo by Rajneesh Bhandari/

Sambeg Shakya, Nepal's “living god” celebrated his 8th birthday on January 9, 2013 in Kathmandu. He is worshiped by Hindus and Buddhists as lord Ganesh. Photo by Rajneesh Bhandari/

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Rajneesh Bhandari

Rajneesh Bhandari

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Rajneesh Bhandari is a multimedia journalist based in Nepal with seven years of reporting experience in news and current affairs. In June 2012 he came up with Living with Autism, an iPad Book, an interactive multi-touch book. He was awarded KTV’s journalist of the year 2011 for his investigative stories on diplomatic passport scam. He is Transparency International's young anti-corruption journalist. He is also UNESCO and ILO's youth journalist.

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