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Journalist, interested in environment, culture and development. Blogger for different online publications such as Global Voices Online, Adopt a Negotiator and founder of The SunFlower Post project. Andrea has participated in international peace initiatives such as People to People’s Peace Camp, Clinton Global Initiative and in several World Youth Congresses. She has also been invited as a panelist on Journalism, Youth Leadership and Mexico in Montreal, Moscow and Quebec. Today she is finishing her last year on a BA on Communications, focusing on Journalism, and she is a freelance writer for National Geographic Traveler. She is based in Mexico City.


Anna Zhou

Still a highschool student but quite ambitious as well. Co-founder of "ndoto." a not for profit conference taking place in Hong Kong and India aimed at inspiring creativity, innovation and change within young people today for the future. She is also a pretty dedicated blogger on everything related to the environment and the human interactions that take place, positive or negative.


Benno Hansen

Info-tech biologist writer. Inclined towards environmental precaution. Science fiction, fantasy, popular science and comic books reader. FC Copenhagen season ticket holder. Sports analysis visualizer. Cyclist and Linux user.


Bijoyeta Das

Bijoyeta Das is a journalist and photographer. She has reported from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Turkey and USA and holds a masters degree in Journalism from Northeastern University, Boston USA. Currently she is a fellow at the Alliance for Historical Dialogue and Accountability at Columbia University. Das was 2011 Peace Writer for the Women Peacemakers Program at the Institute for Peace and Justice, University of San Diego, USA and 2012 Summer Research Fellow at Metta Center for Nonviolence. Her work has been published in Deutsche Welle, Radio Netherlands Worldwide, Radio France Internationale, Women News Network, Women’s eNews, WAMC Northeast Public Radio, Fotoevidence, and All India Radio. Her photo story “Dreams of a Goddess” won the Silver Medal at the TashkentAle-2010 photo festival, Uzbekistan. Her short documentary films “Branded Girls” and “The Saturday Mothers of Turkey” were official selections for the 2011 Women’s Voices Now Film Festival and were screened in the United States of America and the United Arab Emirates.


Borut Tavcar

A 41 years old journalist, dealing with environmental issues for 20 years and energy related topics for four years. No time for many things but I try to give enough quality time to my two doughters. Last year I've got another engagement when I became an editor of Green Delo page in daily newspaper Delo.


Carrie Stanziola has had a long-standing passion for writing about gender, economic and social justice issues. She is a Boston-based freelance writer, and holds a Bachelor's of Arts in literature from Bard College. She is a contributor to http://www.thecontrarianmedia.com/.


Diêgo works with communications and fundraising for CESE, a Brazilian NGO. He is Chief-in-Editor of "E esse tal Meio Ambiente?", a 3-year-blog addressing environmental issues formed by young professionals with different backgrounds and skills, from all over the country. As a result of this work, he has published a book, participated and covered several events and also received national and international recognition. He is interested in discussions regarding climate issues, communication, social movements, human rights and so on.


Ephraim Percy Kenyanito

His interests are Youth Work, Human Rights, Transparency and International development. Blogger through various online publications such as European Journalism Centre's “ThinkBrigade,” "Global Voices Online" and through a personal blog, “The Diary of a Global Citizen”. He can be accessed through his website: Ephraim Percy Kenyanito


Fotis Kafarakis

Since 1987, when I started working as a journalist, many things have changed: a Superpower has collapsed, new states were born, other countries melted into pieces. Political theories and economic certainties have rapidly transformed, even the climate has changed. What has not changed is my desire to follow the news and – whenever I have the chance- to cover it. In reports, articles, documentaries, shows. For newspapers, television or radio programmes, magazines, websites, whatever. Moreover, I have never believed firmly that "the medium is the message"-instead, the message through a medium should always be a spark.


Giedre Steikunaite

A freelance writer and journalist currently based in London, UK. The issues I explore are human rights // environment // culture, and the people who are making a change towards a possible future for all of us.


Hussam Hussein

Working experience from the European Parliament and the Italian Embassy in Amman, Hussam has also been working for the World Bank, in Washington DC. After his studies in international relations at the University of Trieste (Gorizia), at SOAS, and at the College of Europe, Hussam is currently a PhD student at the School of International Development at the University of East Anglia, in Norwich. He developed his reporting skills with Th!nk About It 3, 4, and 5 and participating in a reporting trip in Kenya. His interests are water, climate change, and private sector development.


Iris Gonzales

I'm a Manila-based journalist and blogger. At present, I work for The Philippine Star, covering public finance and the macroeconomy but I also write many other stories here and there. I blog about development and human rights issues for the London-based The New Internationalist.


Jan Stejskal

Journalist, currently an editor-in-chief of the Ekolist.cz - leading Czech on-line news, comments and features on environment and nature. As he has to illustrate his stories, he takes photos as well. Master degree in anthropology.


Joanne KY Teoh

Joanne KY Teoh is an independent journalist, media educator and consultant based in Singapore. She works at the intersection of digital narratives and interactive story forms, having authored multimedia documentaries, TV programmes, articles, papers, university curricula and masterclasses on the subjects. Joanne serves as Director of the Asian Children's Media Summit and founded Sapphire Studios, a non-profit enterprise dedicated to equipping young people with 21st Century digital media competencies. Joanne has over 20 years of journalistic experience in senior management, creative and editorial roles at leading news organizations in Asia, honing her expertise from BBC, CNN and CNA. A member of the editorial team that launched Asian network, Channel NewsAsia in 1999, she created TV and Web series on social issues, technology and business, winning acclaim for her role as writer, director and executive producer. Contact: joanneteoh@sapphirestudios.tv


Kevin is a citizen journalist and blogger. He has been active with Th!nk About It and is a Global Voices Online author. He is a retired secondary teacher and trade unionist and has been an Australian Labor Party member since 1972. His interests include the environment, current affairs and the media, politics and human rights. Kevin also blogs about cinema and Australian women writers.


Larisa Rankovic

I explore media in their diverse ways - as a researcher, consultant and journalist. Working on PhD thesis about community media.


I am from Hungary (EU). Writing about today's EU and global political, social, economical issues, environmental challenges, technology, climate change and environmental protection. Trying to understand the role and directions of UN and possibilities in contribution global climate change, environmental protection and sustainability agreements. Diplomas: General Chemistry Technology, Communication, Marketing. International Relations Job: international trading. I am living near Budapest in a small peaceful, green village. Love: life, gardens, arts, water, forests, good climate, good food, clean water, clean air, journalism, sciences, modern technology, people, history and the social studies.


Medea Savary

I work for various NGO's in the field of communication, research and events organisation. I also collaborate with several film festivals with a focus on human rights. Interested in journalism in the era of tweets, blogs and instant messages, I still love the news 'on paper' but most of all the stories that make you think.


Muhammad Omar Iftikhar

Muhammad Omar Iftikhar is a freelance writer based in Karachi, Pakistan and an MBA in Media Management. He has been a regular contributor to various English language newspapers and magazines of Pakistan since 2004. He writes on specialized topics of marketing and advertising and on other genres such as media, sports, social activism and articles specially for personal development in children. He is also a blogger and writes an infotainment blog http://thefivethingsblog.wordpress.com/. Currently, he is working as Assistant Editor of South Asia magazine, an international regional political and economic review.


Nighat J Urpani

Nighat is a spokesperson for the Malta Green Party on global development and occasionally writes for local papers. She also acts as president for the Ceratonia Foundation - the cultural wing of the Green Party, who works in collaboration with the Green European Foundation (GEF) situated in Brussels. Her academic background is in Anthropology, and she has obtained two post-grad degrees in European Studies and Diplomatic Studies.


Npong Francis

Holds Climate Change Diplomacy certificate, certificate, Decentralized Governance, Diploma- Journalism, and Marketing, Certificate, Strategic Business Development, Human Rights Reporting and Journalism, social media enthusiast, blogger. He is an Accountancy student (Tamale PolyTechnic), National Coordinator, Media Advocates for Sustainable Environment (MASE), Climate Change Communications Consultant. He's passionate about agriculture, development of democracy in Africa. He has hundreds of publications (articles) to his credit.


Preethi Nallu

Preethi Nallu is a print and broadcast journalist with a special focus on human rights and development. She is a regular contributor to a variety of media outlets, including Al Jazeera, Inter-Press Service, Doha Centre for Media Freedom, Monocle 24 and VJ Movement. ​Preethi has covered wide-ranging issues from Arab-Israeli politics to the UN Climate Conference (COP 15) and human rights/democratic reform in Burma ​With living and work experience in eight countries across the globe, her vision as a journalist is to combine the fields of International Relations, Current Affairs and Media in producing timely and thematic stories with in-depth analysis.


Rajneesh Bhandari

Rajneesh Bhandari is a multimedia journalist based in Nepal with seven years of reporting experience in news and current affairs. In June 2012 he came up with Living with Autism, an iPad Book, an interactive multi-touch book. He was awarded KTV’s journalist of the year 2011 for his investigative stories on diplomatic passport scam. He is Transparency International's young anti-corruption journalist. He is also UNESCO and ILO's youth journalist.


Raul Cazan

For two years, Raul was the Editor-in-Chief of the only Romanian environmental magazine, Green Report, a product among few of the kind in Eastern Europe. Beyond his Law degree from the University of Bucharest, Raul’s interests revolve around environmental journalism and communications, enhancing topics surrounding the politics of climate change and food security. Raul holds two Master’s Degrees in political science and development from the Central European University Budapest and University of Trento, Italy. He collaborated with the World Wildlife Fund – Danube Carpathian Program, founded the Slow Food Bucharest chapter and acted as an environmental law consultant in Brussels. In 2009 and 2010 he was International Grassroots Outreach Fellow at Earth Day Network in Washington, D.C. His latest project consists of setting-up a similar open virtual platform, named 2Celsius.net, regarding climate change and the green collar economy in Central and Eastern Europe. His big passion is cycling, thus he is making it a socially valued activity by promoting and carrying out “bike charity” projects such as RideAcross. Currently, as president of Association 2Celsius, he is working on media development, institutional greening projects as well as on land use change related programs.


Ravish Thomas

Born and raised in the middle east, Ravish did his masters in History and International business and is able to understand the socio economic factors that condition the politics of the region. Shutting between the UAE and Lebanon, he covers the regions hotspots in providing an unbiased view to the happening stories of the region.


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