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Photo Essay: Wig Outs by Jen Osborne

I made these photos in Vancouver’s demonized Downtown Eastside (DTES). All of these subjects suffer from addictions and past trauma. Some are HIV +, mentally ill, OR HEP C +. They are very complicated people and have experienced various disasters in their own lives. My subjects are more vulnerable than meets the eye. They often display strength and power. The discovery of their fragility lead me to wonder how they physically present themselves to the world in order to get what they need to survive. Due to circumstance, they may resort to illegal behavior such as prostituting, drug dealing, and stealing. I want to speak of the hardship linked to illegal activity by photographing this transition into the alter ego. 

Jen Osborne

Wig Outs by Jen Osborne won the overall award in CLICK ABOUT IT, an international photography competition organised by the European Journalism Centre.

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