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Accountability Matters in the Fight Against Corruption

Students take part in a rally that was organized to voice against corruption in Kathmandu. Photo by Rajneesh Bhandari/

In the fight against corruption, the questions remain the same. Are the efforts against corruption enough? What is needed in this fight? What new techniques and tools should be used to make people more accountable?

Blair Glencorse, founder and executive director of  Accountability Lab, an independent, non-profit organization that works to make power-holders responsible in the developing world, said in an video interview with ThinkBrigade that different approaches are necessary in developing nations to make people more accountable.

“I don’t think the fight against corruption is going particularly well because it is not the right fight- we need to look further at how to generate the accountability that will in turn reduce corrupt behaviors,” said Glencorse, who was named as a Transparency International “Game Changer” for his work on accountability in 2012.



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Rajneesh Bhandari

Rajneesh Bhandari

Multimedia Journalist

Rajneesh Bhandari is a multimedia journalist based in Nepal with seven years of reporting experience in news and current affairs. In June 2012 he came up with Living with Autism, an iPad Book, an interactive multi-touch book. He was awarded KTV’s journalist of the year 2011 for his investigative stories on diplomatic passport scam. He is Transparency International's young anti-corruption journalist. He is also UNESCO and ILO's youth journalist.

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  • Amit Agrawal


    Congrats for the nice job you are doing :-)

    We are also working on use of technology to raise awareness and voices.

    We make platforms for people to speak via SMS and then also broadcast the same in various Social Media for further discussions. The SMS report can also be forwarded to selected stake holders via email and sms.

    Now, My question is as follows

    As per me, Just technology cant solve problem of people. Its not the challenge. The main challenge is execution and bringing the Behavioral Change.

    So, DO YOU THINK THAT PEOPLE WILL REPORT AND BE ACCOUNTABLE IF WE GIVE THEM A PLATFORM ? Will there not be any other security threats to the people ? Also, what if they are not responded well, Will they not be demotivated ?

    I am looking forward to hearing soon from you.


    Amit Agrawal
    Sparrow SMS


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