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Indigenous Groups Protest in Brasilia: A photo Story

Brasilia is the modern capital of Brazil and a UNESCO world heritage site with big buildings, wide roads, and a TV tower. Everything looks planned and urbanized. But in November, Brazilian indigenous groups made an unprecedented visit to the capital to protest against the government’s decision to demarcate their land without their permission.

A man dressed in traditional attire gets ready for the demonstration.

On 6 Nov. 2012, indigenous people protested at the Three Powers Square in Brasilia.

The indigenous groups rallied against a new directive imposed by the government which allows the use of their land without their consent.

The protesters marched against 'Ordinance 303,' saying that it put them in "extreme danger."

Groups of indigenous people marched with banners and cultural tools in hand.

An indigenous man wears his headdress during the protest.

A gathering of indigenous groups in front of the parliamentary building.

Security personnel stopped the protestors from entering the restricted area.

For many indigenous people, it was their first time in the capital. They traveled for three days to join the protest.

All photos by Rajneesh Bhandari/

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