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Beyond London 2012 Olympics: Blood in Sochi 2014

When the Black Sea resort of Sochi (Russia) won the bid to host the 2014 Winter Olympics, Circassians were not celebrating. How could they? The 22nd Winter Olympiad will take place on the 150th anniversary of the events Circassians describe as genocide. This was committed by imperial Russia against the indigenous people of Caucasus, to whom the land belonged. To rub salt in the wounds, Olympic athletes are ...

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European Marriage Puzzle: Gays In or Out?

Sometimes gay couples in Europe are trapped in a sort of Kafkian scenario when they try to register their relationship status. It can be a harrowing experience, which leads to discrimination against gay couples within EU member states. The portraits of three affected individuals illustrate just how frustrating this can be. ...

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One Death is Too Many

The great Irish philosopher Edmund Burke said that for evil to triumph, all that is necessary is that good men do nothing. I am reminded of Burke’s words as I look into the culture of impunity here in the Philippines. Impunity is a big word and so are the men behind it. And on the other side is a government that allows it to happen. In December last year, a local court has issued a warrant of arrest against ...

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