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Larisa Rankovic

I explore media in their diverse ways - as a researcher, consultant and journalist. Working on PhD thesis about community media.

Serbian Election Campaign fails to address environmental concerns

The General Serbian elections held in May resulted in the election of a new president, Tomislav Nikolić - leader of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS).  Voters were given a wide range of political options, however transparency of the election process itself and media coverage did not meet satisfactory standards - according to international observers. The Republican Electoral Commission revealed that 4.3 pe ...

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Ecovillages: Muddy Roads and Clear Visions

Founders and inhabitants of ecovillages (human sustainable community settlements that use green energy and ecotechnologies in order to become more socially, economically and ecologically sustainable than any city) may be living in remote areas and with purposefully limited daily communication with the rest of the world, but they could as well be fully aware of the pressing issues of that world and having id ...

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