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Iris Gonzales

I'm a Manila-based journalist and blogger. At present, I work for The Philippine Star, covering public finance and the macroeconomy but I also write many other stories here and there. I blog about development and human rights issues for the London-based The New Internationalist.

The rain with no name

When a climate disaster hits, its name doesn't matter. What matters is how to deal with climate change-induced extreme weather. Iris Gonzales reports from Metro Manila. ...

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One Death is Too Many

The great Irish philosopher Edmund Burke said that for evil to triumph, all that is necessary is that good men do nothing. I am reminded of Burke’s words as I look into the culture of impunity here in the Philippines. Impunity is a big word and so are the men behind it. And on the other side is a government that allows it to happen. In December last year, a local court has issued a warrant of arrest against ...

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For several weeks now, various stakeholders here in my country, the Philippines, have been debating, clashing and trading barbs through the media on the benefits of mining. On one side, giant mining companies, which earn big from the business, are defending the benefits of mining. It helps the local communities they say. On the other side, environmentalists and local communities are stressing that mining do ...

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