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Giedre Steikunaite

A freelance writer and journalist currently based in London, UK. The issues I explore are human rights // environment // culture, and the people who are making a change towards a possible future for all of us.

Beyond London 2012 Olympics: Blood in Sochi 2014

When the Black Sea resort of Sochi (Russia) won the bid to host the 2014 Winter Olympics, Circassians were not celebrating. How could they? The 22nd Winter Olympiad will take place on the 150th anniversary of the events Circassians describe as genocide. This was committed by imperial Russia against the indigenous people of Caucasus, to whom the land belonged. To rub salt in the wounds, Olympic athletes are ...

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Toxic, Toxic Debt: Let the Sumerians Teach Us a Lesson

In ancient Babylon, kings would periodically announce a “Jubilee”, a day when all excessive debts were cancelled, and the most chronic debtors could breathe freely again (until next time perhaps, but still). This is a simple concept which 21st-century political élites in the Global North still fail to grasp, even in the face of incontestable evidence. ...

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