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Dalia Plikune

Freelance journalist based in Paris (France). Dalia Plikune has over 5 years experience in journalism and master degree in International communication. Before moving back to France she worked in the Lithuanian news agency ELTA.

The end of the world in 2100?

Real-life Apocalypse: our planet's ecosystems can only take a limited amount of neglect, abuse, and destruction. If they collapse, the world as we know it will collapse too. A new study says this is exactly what's happening. ...

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Has Europe Forgotten its Strength?

In a recent speech, referring to tackling the economic downturn, Vice President of the European Commission, responsible for Economic, Monetary Affairs and the Euro, Olli Rehn stated : “If we would have a silver bullet, we would already fire one”. Given that Europe's problem is not only connected to the financial mismanagement but also to its competitiveness, Europeans may feel as standing at the point where ...

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