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Benno Hansen

Info-tech biologist writer. Inclined towards environmental precaution. Science fiction, fantasy, popular science and comic books reader. FC Copenhagen season ticket holder. Sports analysis visualizer. Cyclist and Linux user.

Saving the world shouldn’t feel good

Much to my own surprise, I'm not paying extra for organic food products to avoid funding dead zones on the sea floor caused by agricultural fertilizer run-off from non-organic aka "conventional" farms. I'm not buying organic food to abstain from supporting industrialized farming in leaking excess pesticides into our ground water, each year leading to polluted bore holes being shut down and new ones having t ...

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Governments that Dream

Late March 2012 the government of Denmark agreed with most opposition parties on a plan of public investments in renewable energy and goals for future levels of sustainability. While the agreement was received with enthusiasm and envy by the environmentally inclined segment of the world population, at home the Danish Minister was met with mixed reactions. Why? The centre-left Danes had voted for much higher ...

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