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Did you know that?: Lady Jackson

Lady Jackson/Barbara Ward (1914-1981 ) was a pioneer  of today’s well known and most important concept: "Sustainable Development”. She was the first who enlightened and seeded this idea to the public world in its context known today. Barbara Mary Ward (1914 – 1981), in later life Baroness Jackson of Lodsworth, was a British economist and writer interested in the problems of developing countries. She urged W ...

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Has Europe Forgotten its Strength?

In a recent speech, referring to tackling the economic downturn, Vice President of the European Commission, responsible for Economic, Monetary Affairs and the Euro, Olli Rehn stated : “If we would have a silver bullet, we would already fire one”. Given that Europe's problem is not only connected to the financial mismanagement but also to its competitiveness, Europeans may feel as standing at the point where ...

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Vilnius, or Why Urban Civilisation Hides in the Forest

Vilnius is a blessing for your lungs. While I was researching for a short climate change-related article it bounced as a surprise that the Lithuanian capital enjoys the cleanest air among urban agglomerations in Europe. At the time I thought that the answer to such low levels of CO2, CO, NOx or heavy metals in the East European air of Vilnius lay in some really alternative local leadership and policies. Des ...

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Urgent Need for Global Policy on E-Waste Management

E-waste is said to be the fastest growing waste component of global waste that endangered environment.   In spite of the health risks associated with waste picking, the business is booming across Africa and parts of Asia and attracting thousands of unemployment youth into the sector. [caption id="attachment_2109" align="alignright" width="300" caption="unemployed youth burn e-waste for copper wires: pic. Mi ...

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